Life can certainly be challenging at times. That said, I want you to know that no matter what challenge you are facing at this time, there is always a way forward. A way to re-claim your power and the peace of mind you deserve.

It may seem easier to keep quiet and tread water silently but as you well know this is exhausting on so many levels. Sharing your thoughts confidentially with someone outside of your circle can be empowering and a wonderful release from whatever is burdening you right now.

By sharing your unique story, I will help you through your ‘life storm’ allowing you to navigate your own course with new found courage and determination. Guiding you gently to calmer waters with my heart-centred and sincere approach. Ultimately, I look forward to helping you to find your sunshine after the rain and to re-surface stronger than ever before.

Monique Dawson


Dip. Couns, ACA

Shining our light on


Incl. Miscarriage and Early Pregnancy Loss

Matters of the heart

General Stress and Overwhelm

Parenting Challenges

Conflict Resolution

As a Counsellor I aim to be a lighthouse not a lifeboat. I do not rescue instead,  I help others find their own way safely to shore.

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